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We sincerely appreciate all those who have called or written to thank us personally. We are grateful for your business, referrals, testimonials and friendship. Please know it is our pleasure to serve you.  Coming from military families, our veteran customers mean a great deal with the sharing of their stories, along with correcting or adding to our website photo descriptions, and especially for their service and sacrifice to our great country. 

Warmest Regards, Jo Ellen & George

RWP# V26686A - Vietnam War - Casket of U.S Vietnam unknown soldier in procession enroute to Arlington Cemetery for burial in the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 30 May 1984.


“You opened a whole new chapter in our Dad's life. He was a WWII vet and like so many, never spoke of his experiences or answered any of our questions. When we gave him the photos of his ship and shipmates, he was thrilled and through grateful tears spoke of that part of his life. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!"  Franklin D. family, Indianapolis, IN 

"Thanks! this is a nice gift for a friend - Have a good day!" Harry B., Garner, NC 

"Dear George and family,   A belated formal thank you for the beautiful photos of P-51 Mustangs from your archives....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will look on them and wonder, 'Is one of those the one my Grandfather flew in?' I hope things continue to go well in your business and that George stays safe in Iraq. Thank you again."  C. Anderson, Alexandria, VA 

"Any of the pictures in the log you are welcome to add to your collection. The color picture of the Sarge (USS Sargent Bay CVE-83) in the first part of the log was given to me when I boarded the ship in San Pedro, June 1944. The log only goes up to August 1945 when the ship returned home after a 13 month tour of duty. There were two primary VC squadrons, VC79 and VC83. From Nov 1944 until Dec 1945 the ship was on what was called, "oilier duty".  My ship and other carriers like mine provided sub protection as we escorted from 10 to 15 oilers which refueled Halsey fleet during the Palau invasion up through MacArthur's return to the Philippines. In De 1945, VC79 departed. During this period, hundreds of take-offs and landings were made on a very small deck only a little more than 500 feet. VC83 came aboard in Jan. 1945. Our orders were to proceed to Iwo Jima where our pilots would provide support for the Marines. Our carrier was first to appear on the invasion and the last one to leave. After Iwo, our orders were to proceed to Okinawa. It was in this invasion that the Japs went all out with the suicide pilots. One plane made a dive on our ship and a photographer on the USS Saginaw Bay captures the plane in its dive.  Your father did what I have always wanted to do. Good luck on your enterprise." Jerry W., Newhall, CA. 

"Many of your pictures are now in the records of: Dept. of the Army, US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA 17013-5008. As I honor local veterans with copies of their war records, pictures and history, a letter is sent to the veterans families and back to me. The information is now part of the official records at the Institute and so are your photos! Thank you." Frank E. Albrecht, Riegelsvilla, PA. 

"I was a signal man aboard the PC-1193 when both these photos were taken....Thank heaven we got connected." Larry E., Port Huron, MI. 

"Flying Tigers photos look good in my collection and friends ask where they can get SUPER photos! I told them online!!!" Clayton B, CA 

"You are now my favorite supplier!"  Mark S., CA 

"I'm no hero, just an old marine, but you treat me like one. Thank you! Peace and Semper Fidelis," Joe M., MI 

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with your photos. They were excellent! Thank you very kindly for your quick reply and your catalogs." Aubrey S., IN 

"Thank you very much for your time and consideration with my claim. You really helped me a lot." John B, CT 

"I appreciate your work and Veterans discount and completing my order so quickly. I received them in good shape and will be ordering more."  Greg M., CA 

"Outstanding photos!!! always. Sue B, CA 

"I have looked everywhere for photos of my Dad's time in service...thanks for supplying so many from France to Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Okinawa. You guys are the best!" Dennis K, CO 

"This will be a really special gift.  He doesn’t have any photographs of the ship." Richard S., OK 

"As a 69yrs old Native American Vietnam vet, I still struggle with the mistreatment we vets received upon return to the states, but you folks make me feel like someone appreciates and still cares. Thanks for the photos. William C, SD 

Just wanted to say thanks . . . . I gave my three brothers and sister a copy of the pictures along with a copy of James Fahey’s book, Pacific War Diary, 1942-1945: The Secret Diary of an American Soldier . . . a journal of his time aboard the Montpelier  . . . .which mentions my grandfather a few times. The picture below was a secret treasure you sent me as my Grandfather, Capt. Harry D. Hoffman, is clearly pictured in the center of the three men at the front of the picture. This with all the other pictures went a long way to help with the loss of our mother whose life was so molded by this man’s strong values and sense of honor which in turn helped shape all of ours.  I will keep them always as will my children.  I am thankful that I found a family that held the USS Montpelier CL-57 so close to heart. Your father must have been a special man . . . . . I thank you for the service you have provided for my family and countless others. David C., Wilmington, DE

"I knew your father and he was an honorable man. I've been in the radio business playing jazz music for over 25 years and have mentioned his business on the air from time to time.  I wish you the best."  L.C. Melchior, KVOL. "The Voice of Louisiana"

"...I cannot put a price on your service. My family will be greatly comforted to learn and see so much history about my mother's father in our first Christmas without her. God Bless." David C, Wilmington, DE 

“Thank you for processing my order so quickly. ...I am in the process of establishing the Nevada Military Museum and plan to display some of your great photos." Robert H., Yerington, NV

"I just wanted to tell you, that when I gave my husband the photos for Xmas that I purchased from you ---he cried and said it was the best present he ever received. Thank you so, so much..." Mrs. Leonard S., Arnold, MO 

"Thanks for your trouble in locating the 4 photos of the USS LaGrange APA-124. My father was killed in this suicide attack on Aug 13, 1945. Our family never knew about what the ship went through and about Dad's death...21 killed 8 hours before the Japanese knew they were through. It was the last suicide plant that hit an American ship. This has meant so much to my brother (who was 12), my sister (6yrs) and me (10yrs old at the time). Thank you for caring." A.E. G, Twin Falls, ID 

"We had to write & thank you for the photos of our Dad aboard ship in WWII. He remembered when the photo of the crew was taken. Your photo quality is excellent....we can't thank you enough."  George R., Philadelphia, PA 

"Thank you for sending the real war photos. It means so much to our family to have them. It brought back many memories for William. The big shock was finding him in one of the photos....Thanks again." Iris & Wm N., Lincolnton, GA 

"In Nov 1999, I ordered some photos of the USS Farragut for a surprise Christmas gift for my husband. he was elated and told me it was the best gift he ever received." Carmen M., Palm Desert, CA 

 "Thank you so much for your prompt response....I had no idea there would be so many photographs...of my Father's WWII ship, the USS Gilbert Islands." Scott S., Houston, TX 

"My brother went home to be with the Lord ... These pictures have much meaning to our family. Thank you." John M., Cleburne, TX 

WOW! thanks for such a lengthy and thorough answer! We are a large military family and history is our game, so all of your suggestions will be researched.  I did find that one of the pamphlets about 1946, coming out of Front Royal is called the Parade of Horses, just haven't had a chance to search that one out yet. Thanks again for all the information. I sure know who to turn to with my queries! Sharleen A., Hamilton, MT

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