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The Download Dock For the first time, you can now purchase prints or purchase and download digital images right to your computer. Just select the images you want and purchase the 'Digital Image (600 dpi)' using our shopping cart.   It's that simple!

Once purchased, we email a special 'key code' to you. within 2-24 business hours. Then log back into RWP's Galleries website, select the Download Dock and paste your 'key code'.  You can access and download for the next 30 days. 

The Favorites area Want to create your own gallery to keep all your special pictures?  Just Sign In on the Home Page and select Login or Create a New Account. Once completed, you will see the Favorites (with a heart icon) in the upper right hand area of the screen where you can view and add pictures. It's a great way to show your special photos to family and friends or go back and purchase (or delete) later.

Search for Photos Now you can search across the entire RWP collection. Select the Search function in the upper right corner of the Home page. Key words from every photo description have been entered, allowing you to look for a specific term, or series of terms. When using many terms, make sure you separate each term with a comma, followed by a space (ie. 1942, smith) or to narrow a search use hash marks between words, ex Band of Brothers, search band-of-brothers.

Here are some helpful tips: 

  • - Searching for a person use last names only (ie. smith, jones).
  • - Searching for a ship, you can either enter the hull number (ie. bb-63, dd-124) or the ship name (ie. uss enterprise, uss hornet). No need to use capitals.
  • - Searching across other miltary branches can be a bit more challenging. For example there could be desginations such as the 1st Army, 1st Div, 1st Regmt, 1st Bn, so it can get really complicated fast. To make things easier we have identified the numbers for each unit designation. So simply entering (ie. 1st, 3rd, 344th) will get you closer. Most of the major unit designations have already been put into separate galleries for your convenience.
  • - Searching for specific locations, enter the name of the town, city or area (ie. italy, france, belgium, norfolk).
  • - Searching for specific campaigns, enter the name (ie. normandy, iwo jima, d-day, saipan, guam).
  • - Looking for specific dates is easy. Most photos have the exact date the photo was taken, but you have to request that specific date (ie. 02 Feb 1943). This will bring up all pictures in the RWP collection that were taken on that specific date.  We have posted the year the photo was taken as a key word, so entering (ie. 1942, 1916) will be more productive and get you closer.
  • - Looking for specific ranks, we have currently only identified two terms you can search on, (ie. generals or admirals).
  • - Looking for something special is easy. Just enter a word or term, or series of words separated by comas (ie. mortars, 20mm,) 

***The most important thing to remember - Remember, to always put a space after each coma !!!

More Helpful Tips Regarding Searching:

Organizing the RWP Collection into Galleries allows us to better organize the photo categories for your viewing pleasure. However, we can only put each photo into one gallery. So if a photo is of a carrier (ie. USS Enterprise) in a specific, historical battle (ie. Midway), the photo is filed under the Midway gallery and therefore cannot show up in the Carriers galleryTo see all the photos of the USS Enterprise, you need to do a specific search on either the ship's name or designation.  Searches for specific terms are conducted across all galleries and is the only way to see all the pictures in your area of interest. 

So the big takeaway, SEARCH ON YOUR SPECIFIC TOPIC to see the most complete listing of photos. As in our example, don't just look in the Carriers gallery for the USS Enterprise because the photo you seek may be in the Midway gallery or in another war, battle or engagement

Happy Hunting !

Real War Photos Staff

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